Wilson Carburettor Service is one of the oldest and most respected carburettor specialists in Australia. As if that wasn’t enough of a recommendation, Wilson Carburettor Service has now merged with B & M Fuel Systems which is also one of the best known carburettor repair and service businesses in Australia.

If you are reading this, you will already be well aware that specialists familiar with carburettors fitted to standard, high performance and special interest cars are getting very hard to find.

Luckily Wilson Carburettor Service and B&M Fuel Systems not only have that specialist knowledge but they are building their business to ensure that their skills and experience is available to car enthusiasts for many years to come.

If you are lucky enough to own an X2 HR Holden with twin Stromberg’s, or a Triumph TR4 with twin SU’s or even an early Ferrari Dino GT4 with 40 DCNF Webers fitted, you can be assured that the new merged business of Wilson Carburettor Service and B&M Fuel Systems will have all the answers.

More recently the business now offers Fuel injector cleaning, dynotuning, EFI diagnosis and LPG Tuning.